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Stand at your desk in comfort at the workplace

Stand up for better health!

Medical research has proven that taking time to stand throughout the day is better for you than once a day exercise. While most office workers sit for the majority of their workdays, research shows that all day sitting is a serious health risk, potentially leading to chronic disease. With sit-stand desks on the rise, the need for premium ground support is more important than ever. Smart Step Mats are the perfect solution for your workplace standing needs.

Smart Step Premium Performance Mats

The “Absolute Best” in Performance Matting

Smart Step Therapeutic Flooring, LLC has been a leader in the anti-fatigue mat business since 2000. The benefits of our premium anti-fatigue mats can be seen in operations such as: Homeland Security, TSA, 75 International Airports, over 400 National Retailers, many industrial settings, hotel and hospitality chains, and are also the number one selling mat in the beauty industry. Chiropractic, veterinary and other medical fields also use our premium products and they are highly recommended to their patients.

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