Happy Feet, Happy Customer

“My wife and I bought a 6’ mat and have it between our island and sink. I have never done dishes since we got married, but now we fight to do them. Thank you for making such a comfortable product.”

Roger Bloomberg – Evansville, Indiana

“I had the opportunity to stand on a gel filled mat at a nearby retailer. No Comparison! I mean really none, not a bit.”

Marty Patrick – Sterling Heights, Michigan

“We love our Smart Step Mat; it has been a lifesaver for my mother and her back! We are going to purchase more because we love them so much!”

Rebecca Simpson – Newark, New Jersey

“To say that I have back problems would be an understatement, let’s just say they call me ‘the crooked woman’. Your Smart Step mats have turned my life around. I once again enjoy cooking, doing laundry and working in my craft room. Thanks Smart Step!

Evelyn P. Naalehu, Hawaii

“I saw your Smart Step mat at a friend's house and loved it so much I now have two of my own!”

Suzanne Schnur – St. Petersburg, Florida

“They are fantastic. My whole family loves them….”

Florance Leialoha - Orlando, Florida

“About a year ago, I had hip replacement surgery. I bought your Smart Step Mat and the most relief I get every day is when I stand on it. Can you do my whole house?”

D. Burnham

“I think they are great! They are squishy!”

Jodi Ford – Springville, Iowa

“This mat is such a dream to stand on. I want to do my whole house!”

Martin Slessor - Wyoming, Michigan

“Not only does my Smart Step mat look stylish in my bathroom, it is amazing to stand on as well. I will be purchasing more for my kitchen!”

Preston Grobaski - Salem, Massachusetts

“I am very pleased with my Smart Step Mats. My feet thank you!”

P. Allen – Spartanburg, South Carolina

“My aunt purchased one of your mats for me as a gift. Best gift I have ever received! It looks great and feels even better! I love my mat, now if I could just keep my husband from moving it all around the house!”

Meghan Smith – Fort Wayne, Indiana

“I have had chronic back pain as long as I can remember. Smart Step mats are such a blessing as they relive my pain. I have one in the bathroom, at my work bench and three in my kitchen. Thank you for such a life saving product!

Bob R. – Boothbay Harbor, Maine

“They are great! We love them. So much nicer than what we had before. Thanks.”

Dawn Hedrick - Lynchburg, Virginia

“There is no other way to say it. We love the mats! It's like walking on air. Thank you.”

Ernst Gaston - Summit, New Jersey

“Love it, love it love it! Everyone who steps on it is shocked at how great it feels. Thanks so much. I will likely need more.”

Ann Peek - Cottonwood, Arizona

“Mat was on the porch this afternoon when I came back in, and is now on the floor and in action, better than three layers of carpet. I keep on going back to stand on it in bare feet just for the sensation, unbelievable! Very many thanks indeed.”

Michael F. Robinson – Middleburg, Virginia

“We love our mats. They are fantastic. ‘Nuff said.”

The Keegan Family - Outer Banks, North Carolina

“It is hard for me to hide the fact that I am getting old, but your Smart Step mats help my body to not feel like it is getting old by relieving all the tension and aches.”

William Glass – Cooperstown, North Dakota