Mat Technology


The secret to our mats’ superior comfort and performance is what we call SmartTechPolyurethane (STP) Technology. It is this proprietary technology that literally ‘drives’ our performance and allows our one-piece construction mats to never delaminate, to never curl and remain buoyant - well...pretty much forever! STP ensures our promise of unsurpassed comfort, performance and longevity…and that is why we have long been referred to as 'The Absolute Best' in anti-fatigue flooring solutions.


It means a continuous elastomeric polyurethane core that is highly resilient & permanently bonded at the molecular level. While you cannot see microbes, you'll appreciate that our mats are 99.99% antimicrobial. You WILL see that our mats resist stains and abrasion. Thermosetting is the manufacturing process by which our special formulation of polyurethane bonds and permanently locks each and every mat fiber, creating a stronger and virtually indestructible substrate. STP ensures mats that provide comfort and longevity for years and years to come.


While our mission is to continue providing ultimate comfort and relief, giving your feet, knees, and back a rest – we never rest ourselves. We are constantly creating both technological and design innovations. This revolutionary, advanced technology is what separates Smart Step For The Home anti-fatigue mats from other floor mats, and assures you a quality purchase with a long and useful life cycle...that was made right here in the USA.

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