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About Us

Smart Step Home has been successfully addressing health & safety concerns in the workplace for over a decade with our superior anti-fatigue products.

Our Comfort Mats alleviate the aches & pains often associated with prolonged standing on hard surfaces. Our anti-fatigue mats reduce stress & strain on the back, legs, feet and improve circulation while reducing joint, limb and muscle aches.

Our proprietary SmartTechTM Polyurethane (STP) Technology is the key to our enduring performance, comfort and longevity. Our 7-year Warranty guarantees that you will receive quality & satisfaction with your Comfort Mats.

About Smart Step Home®

Smart Step Home has been a pioneer in the science of healthy standing, comfort & safety in the home and workplace for nearly twenty years…

That means alleviating the aches and pains often associated with standing on hard surfaces. Anti fatigue mats and non-slip flooring preventing discomfort and even prevent injuries. We have applied years of expertise, research and development to all of our Smart Step Home products.

For almost two decades now, we've been addressing the rigorous demands of numerous commercial industries, and have come to be known as the 'mat-of-choice' for both Homeland Security and TSA. Smart Step has a breadth of anti-fatigue mats that are constructed from one piece of material. Smart Step Home Collection Mats are made from 5/8" polyurethane, and feature a no-trip, non-slip beveled edge. They are widely advocated by healthcare professionals, and are the industry favorite for hotels, casinos, airports, professional kitchens and select retailers across the country. Having successfully addressed the health and safety concerns of the commercial markets, we extend that same expertise into the homes of millions of consumers through these two collections.

All Smart Step Home Mats are proudly made 100% in the USA. Headquartered just outside of Detroit, Michigan, all of the design, marketing and product development takes place here. Our manufacturing, warehousing and fulfillment is all done in the state of Missouri. We are proud to design and produce all of our fine products right here at home – creating jobs as well as insuring that our manufacturing economy always thrives in the United States!